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5 Reasons why mobile advertising benefits businesses

With the ever-growing business and advertising market of today, it becomes painfully important for businesses to take advantage of opportunities to get their name and services out into the public. Media has both made it easy to reach consumers, yet difficult to stand out to them amongst competitors.

So, how and why does mobile advertising benefit businesses?

1) Rise of mobile usage means more customers on their devices than ever before

While it may not have been a problem several years back, today’s society has become wrapped up in the digital world. It’s not just the younger generation who has iPhones and smartphones now. We’re seeing a rise in the usage of these devices in both children and adults alike.

According to the Q1 2015 Total Audience Report on Nielsen’s website, 167 million consumers use apps and the web on their phone. That same report says that people check their phones 150 times a day. Additionally, people are likely to be on their mobile devices while doing other everyday activities such as watching television.

Everyone is glued to their phones, which is something businesses can use to their advantage.

2) Creating mobile websites makes for easier navigation and customer willingness to spend time on the website

Having a website for a business is one thing, but it’s not anything extraordinary with how many companies have websites nowadays. Making a website compatible with mobile devices is another thing.

A website will not be as easily approachable on a mobile device as it is on the computer. Links are smaller. Customers need to zoom in to see the tiny text. It’s a lot of work that most aren’t willing to deal with if they don’t have to.

In creating a mobile website, however, everything is made easier to the point that customers want to spend time on the website. They are more willing to search through all the links if navigation is as simple as a single tap.

The more time consumers spend on a business’s website, the more offers they see. The more offers they see, the greater likelihood they’ll take up one of those offers.

3) Mobile advertising reaches customers anytime, anywhere

People are always on the move. Places to be. Events to attend. Friends to meet. They don’t always have access to a computer or television where ads are present. What they do have access to is their phones.

If a business has the ability to send out coupons and offers through an app or text message, they reach their customers right away. There’s no need for the customer to wait to get home to check emails for offers. If they have the proper app, they receive it in an instant no matter where they are.

Just as long as they have their phone with them, and the digital world of today makes it nearly impossible not to.

4) Add new products instantly and efficiently

To expand off of the point above, mobile advertising provides businesses with the opportunity to add new products and offers quickly. There’s no waiting for the next magazine to be sent out to let customers know about the latest product. An app or mobile website makes that instant and easy, spreading awareness faster than any other medium can.

The sooner the consumers know about a particular product or offer, the sooner they’ll make use of that information.

5) Customers love efficiency

The number one most important thing to remember in advertising is the customers: how a business’s means of relaying information benefits them.

In today’s fast-paced society, customers enjoy efficiency. The ability to pull up a coupon on their phone rather than printing it, ordering food online to go pick it up at a time they decide, finding exactly what they’re looking for within a few clicks of a company’s mobile website… those are all things consumers love. 

If a business makes this all possible for its customers, then they will be more willing to keep loyal to that business (amongst other factors of product/service quality).

It is up to their loyalty to keep a company running.

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons why mobile advertising benefits businesses

  1. Responsive Web Designs” are very important for seo ranking. In the upcoming era all websites are becoming mobile friendly.I like your concept and the idea you shared with the users.

    • Hello, Jennifer

      Mobile advertising is helpful for any business anywhere, particularly at this point in time when our lives practically revolve around our phones.
      It certainly wouldn’t do you any harm. As long as you get your advertisement out to the right people, it can only benefit you.

      Thanks for your engaging comments.

  2. By the evolution of Smart phones Website traffic via mobile is dramatically increased in the recent years. So to make a mobile friendly website is becomes necessary. Nice reason to focus on mobile advertising.


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