11 Aug

A World of Mobile Consumers

We’re always on our phones. Always immersed in the digital world regardless of where we are or what we should be paying attention to. In today’s society, phones have become much like a security blanket everyone needs on his or her person in order to feel complete. Forget the phone at home and the entire rest of the day is out of whack.

As concerning as this may be on some fronts, our neediness for technology is what businesses have the opportunity to use to their advantage.

According to Nielsen’s article, Tools of the Trade: How to Put Mobile to Use for Brands, approximately three-quarters of Americans own a smartphone, and these smartphone users check their phone 150 times a day. This could mean simply pressing a button to look for recent text messages and/or updates. Or, it could mean using the wide variety of apps that have been made available by businesses across the world.

Point is, we love our phones. We’re on them even when we’re doing something else such as watching television or enjoying lunch with a friend. Our phones are attached to us like a new appendage, and this means that businesses, by extension of the phone, can be better attached through SMS offers, mobile apps, and websites made for easier access.

Over 70% of total usage in mobile apps comes from the top 200 apps, an article on Nielsen mentions. Companies strive to be in that running, for that sort of engagement from their consumers is exactly what they need to reach success. The competition is fierce, and a consumer will be more likely to spend extra time on a website or app that is easy and efficient to use.

Companies without any mobile features are quickly falling behind the times. If a consumer cannot easily reach a company through mobile means to look something up, search for coupons, etc., they will turn away from it if they are not already loyal. That is why it is the company’s job to keep up with technology and apply modern methods to the way they reach out to their customers.

Hometown Solutions offers an easy way to provide customers with the mobile apps and websites they need. Be sure to stay ahead of the game with our variety of services available.

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