Direct Mobile Ad Messaging

Direct Mobile Ad MessagingDirect Mobile Ad Messaging places your ad in front of local consumers on the most popular Mobile Apps and Websites.

The average user will see 250-1,000 mobile advertisements everyday. Most of mobile advertisements are too small to read or intrusive and annoying. Intrusive advertisements block the users content. Layered advertisements use multiple formats on top of each other blocking. Users immediately recognize both as advertisement and dismiss or ignore them, which is very ineffective.

What Makes Direct Mobile Ad Messaging Different?

Advertisements that are Short, Direct and To the Point! Direct Mobile Ad Messaging is the Perfect Mobile Advertising Solution.

  • Logo and short (140 character) message that scrolls across the screen like a Ticker.
  • Works on both mobile app and websites.
  • Targeted audience by content, geo, geo-fence (can include age, interest, etc).
  • Tap Action to: Map, Coupon, Website, Landing page, Download doc/PDF, Social Media page, Calendar, Video, 800#.

Your Campaign will appear on our advanced network of popular news, entertainment, and special interest apps and mobile websites.

Direct Mobile Ad Messaging


Our network includes apps and mobile websites like:
• Auto Trader
• Food Network
• Sports Illustrated
And So Many More!

But will only appear to consumers that meet your advertising criteria.

Direct Mobile Ad Messaging tools give you real time dynamic ad that performs an average of 50% better than standard mobile banners. Put your advertising budget where it will benefit you the most, Direct Mobile Ad Messaging.


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