24 Oct

Growing your SMS Text Message Advertising Group.

The hardest thing for most business owners to do when starting an SMS Marketing (Short Message Service or Text Message Advertising) Group is growing their database. Growing an opt-in database (people who request to receive messages) but, there are a few things that can make the process easier and more effective.

A good place to start is by defining how your business will most often use SMS to communicate with customers. Many businesses send offers, coupons, event reminders or daily specials there are many options when marketing with SMS. This is not set in stone but if you will want to be able to provide bother your staff and customers with a consistent message on benefits and what they should expect once they join your SMS group.

Consistency is also a very important part of grouping a successful SMS group. Your staff will need a basic understanding and message to communicate to your customers. This message should be easy for your staff to understand. The information your provide them with should be the same information they provide to your customers.  Train your staff to include the benefits of joining your SMS group when speaking with customers. This should be an ongoing process and you may have to remind your staff to consistently include your SMS opt-in information when communicating with customers. Some Businesses have created competitions or rewards for the most opt-ins on a shift or a month.

The message that you send to your SMS group should be a value to your customers. This does not mean that every message has to have something free offered but should be a value to your SMS group. Some businesses send out daily or weekly specials at the same time every day. Other businesses offer purchase specials BOGO or $5 off a $30 purchase. If you are sending out SMS offers or coupons to your customers it is a good idea to make these offers a better offer then any you offer in other advertising. Then customers will join your group because they know they will always have the best offers available.

Today’s consumers receive many offers so keeping them interested is another important part of any SMS campaign. You will need to keep your messages fresh and varied. Basically, do not send that same message or offer in every message. If you plan to send out one offer once or twice a week have 5-10 offers that you can send out each month. Even though you may use the same offers the following month to the consumer it will be a new offer.

Businesses that have provided consistent information about their SMS/Text message advertising campaigns, told consumers about their group benefits, and send out messages of value see great results. Business owners have told me that they have been able to reduce spending on some of their other advertising because of the success of their SMS campaigns. Growing your SMS/Text Message Marketing Group can be challenging but the rewards is growing your business and its revenue.

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