13 Oct

Why Multi Platform Marketing is Important

The simple reason is the diversity of consumers. Today’s consumers are ages 3 to 123. And if you do not think a 3 year old is not a consumer you have never been in a check out line with one! Marketing is not a one platform fits all option. In the past advertisers could pick the marketing platform that fit them best (radio, TV, Newspapers or Web site). But, to stay on the minds of consumers today you need much more. Today, advertisers need to include video, mobile, SMS, social and other platforms to keep consumers engaged.

Most advertising buzz in about the Millenials, GenX and Baby Boomers are still in the mix. But in talking with people from these groups they have similar products they would but the platform choices are very different. I know more Baby Boomers using Facebook on a daily basic than I do GenX’s. And Millenial’s well if it is not a snap chatted have they seen it?

The most common threat among 3 largest generational groups right now is mobile phones. All three groups use mobile as their primary communication. They text, view videos, check the weather and the news on mobile devices. They also shop on them. Mobile is a great way to advertise to all of these groups. SMS and MMS are huge in getting advertisers front consumers as long as what you sending has value and is varied. SMS and MMS are a good piece to the marketing puzzle.

Mobile friendly web sites are another good piece of the puzzle to reach Millennials, GenX and Baby Boomers. I know some do not think that is true about the Baby Boomers but if you have working in the last 20 years (and they have) you used a computer. Mobile friendly web sites are important because they searchable. Siri, Google, and all the rest use search engines to find information. Google (the #1 search engine used) increases ranking to sites that are mobile friendly.

Video also plays an important role in the marketing puzzle. More videos are watch online and mobile devices than anything else. Cats were not always the #1 pet but more people have cats today then before video is a large part of they popularity. Businesses who are adding video to their marketing are seeing great results. And adding engaging video content that changes or progresses a topic or story will have consumers returning to see more. Video is also very easy and engage on social media as well.

Social media has been huge for the last 5 years and social media is changing. Social is going to be a big player in marketing for sometime and the hardest thing is how to get your message out everywhere. There are so many opportunities to communication and engage consumers. I believe much of the focus in the coming year will be on Snapchat, You Tube, Instagram and Twitter. Not to say that Facebook is not important but I believe there will be new advertising growth in other area.

New is good but we should not abandon newspapers, TV, radio great adverting engagement for consumers is very real for all medias. If an advertisers message is seen in multiple medias their brand awareness is recognizable. Recognizable advertisers, now that is a good thing!

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