Engage Consumers With Mobile Web Sites, Apps, and Text/SMS!

 Wireless devices currently available today outnumber personal computers worldwide. That is why it is important for companies to have mobile web sites to better serve their customers. Mobile web sites offer all the valuable information about your business and services in a mobile friendly environment.

Text/SMS increases awareness and sales efforts for seasonal and special events. Embed an audio file, “click-to-call” number, or a mobile web site URL to enhance your text advertisement. With Text/SMS service, you can also target customers with special offers and coupons. Redemption codes and one-time use coupons can be sent via text only or with a mobile coupon for in-store redemption.

Mobile Apps drive loyalty and rewards programs. Mobile Apps enhance mobile consumer interest and engagement. Our developers create exciting and beneficial customer mobile apps that attract consumer use.

Hometown Commercials specializes in digital video commercials. We create animated white board and traditional video advertising for business. Advertisers using video on the websites or through social media have seen increased their web traffic over 100%.

Text For Savings is a truly unique advertising opportunity. Advertisers are able to reach new customers and advertising to the in the future via their mobile device.  At TextForSavings.com consumers can select to text to receive your coupon or download your coupon from our website. We are the only company offering coupons in this way and consumers love it!



Is your Business Mobile-Friendly?

A business with a mobile-friendly website makes it easy for on-the-go consumers to find you. Businesses without a mobile-friendly site are basically handing consumers to your competition.

How often do you think consumers are looking for products and services like yours?

Mobile device usage is growing every day and your advertising needs to be available how ever consumers choose to seek out information: computers, mobile phones, tablets.

“As an average mobile user myself, when I am looking for information about a product or service, I usually have my phone, tablet, and computer handy in the search. When I am at my desk, computer and mobile phone (app/Internet research) are my go to. But in the evening, it is my tablet and mobile phone. If a website does not engage and attract me (like most mobile consumers), I will find the information elsewhere.” (Tammy, Mobile User)

If you are not marketing to mobile consumers, you are losing business. Updating to mobile friendly advertising is so easy!

With Mobile, You Can Reach More Customers Than Ever Before!

A consumer is looking for a service provider or product to solve a problem they are having. And your business happens to provide that service or product. Would you like to hear from them?

The reality is that this is not a hypothetical question. The truth is right now in your area someone is looking for the products or services you offer.


When consumers visit your website, you want them to find what they need. You want your web to present clearly that your products or services are the solutions they need. Sending an easy to use mobile advertising message about your business online is easy with the right tools and people to help you.


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