Text SMS Offers

Text/SMS Offers

Hometown Mobile Solutions offers a comprehensive package of mobile advertising features included with every service plan. Our advanced tools enhance the communication between our clients and consumers. Text It Advertising is constantly developing new mobile and e-marketing solutions. If there is a feature or service you do not see on our web site, ask us! Call us today at 262-238-6397.

55 % of consumers express an interest in mobile coupons but only 10% have actually received one from a merchant
(Source:Mercator Advisory Group, 2012)

Text/SMS Advertising was never easier with Hometown Mobile Solutions easy-to-use platform and vast reporting tools. Within minutes, you can create profitable connections with consumers and see the results.

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Hometown Mobile Solutions reports provide you with all the information, trends, and consumer input you need to increase your market share through your marketing efforts.

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